• Career Lab

    Interns will develop professional skills though workshops, assignments, and group discussion. Topics include: personal branding, money management, negotiation tactics, workplace etiquette, resume writing, conflict resolution, and networking

  • Mentorship

    Interns will be exposed to a diverse range of career opportunities by hearing from guest speakers in the STEAM and entrepreneurship fields

  • Social Innovation + Coding

    Interns will work on a project that will solve a problem in their community. Interns will also complete an intensive coding course to create, from scratch, a website for their project.

  • Testimonials From Our Interns


    For me, the internship with MissionEDC has truly prepared me to excel in my personal and academic goals and taught me valuable skills to enter the global workforce confidently. My interactions with powerful women leaders have shown me that a future in which females occupy equal positions of power is not impossible, but inevitable.

    Chelsie Barrientos

    This program has greatly impacted my life. As child I was always brought up to believe that I can do anything I set my mind to, but I was never taught how to get what I want. As a young adult this program has taught me the reality of how the world works and that life has alot of ups and downs, but you will always end up where you are meant to be. In this program I have learned that it's okay not to know everything, but in order to learn you must ask questions.

    Angelina Ayala